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Our coaches understand what it is like to balance training with a busy schedule.  We will work with you to create a training plan tailored to your specific goals to help you reach your full potential and become a stronger athlete.

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CompuTrainer is an excellent tool for cyclists of all skill levels, as it is used to measure real-time data, including cadence, wattage, heart rate, speed, distance, and time, with the use of your own bike.

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Circuit Training

Our Circuit Training classes are highly effective, full-body workouts that alternate cardiovascular exercise with sets of muscular endurance exercises to maximize results and build functional strength.

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Athlete Programs

Precision Multisport offers a variety of programs to both our athletes and the general public that are focused specifically on learning good form, maximizing efficiency, and building confidence and mental toughness.

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  • 2015 Spring Training Camp

    2015 Spring Training Camp

    It’s almost time for Precision Multisport’s Spring Training Camp!  Registration is now full. When: April 24-26, 2015 Camp begins promptly at...

  • Faster Freestyle

    Faster Freestyle

    Learn This Skill: A Faster Freestyle Swim and triathlon coach Craig Strong offers tips for strengthening your freestyle stroke...


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  • I knew from the first session doing TRX with Coach Mitch that this was going to be a great way to get in shape!  After only a few sessions, others started noticing the difference in my physique.  I started getting unsolicited comments from friends and colleagues... "Hey you've lost some weight?; Where did your gut go?; Wow! you look great!; Do you run marathons?"
    I've done 11 sessions and I feel great!  There is a big difference when I look in the mirror!  I don't think i would be doing TRX if it weren't for Coach Mitch's involvement.  It's been a lot of fun getting back into shape after allowing myself go get soft over the years. I can't wait to see what a difference another couple of months does for me!  Let's go!
  • I wanted to pass this along and thank you.  My sister was in town and went to Christopher's hockey game last night.  She hasn't seen him play for awhile.  Her comments were that Christopher didn't fall at all and that his skating and playing seemed so much better.  She asked if we were doing anything different.  You are the only thing different. Thanks for all your help.  Chris loves coming every Thursday.
  • The information that I learned from Dr. Sassetti has stuck with me long  after it was over.  Again and again I think am I setting myself up to  succeed, how do I limit my distractions, what is my plan, both mentally and  physically.  It has lead me to a more well-rounded program.
    Ann W.
  • I participated in a 5 week mental training course with Dr. Frank in  preparation for completing my first Ironman and I can definitely say  that he gave me the tools to get through the inevitable struggles that I faced during both training and on race day. 
    Melissa B.
  • Dr. Frank's positive talk and feedback and the effect it had on our team was incredible.  I’ve been coaching and/or playing water polo for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like the transformation in attitude and self-awareness in two weeks that took place with these boys  I’m not saying this to be nice, but without Dr. Sassetti we’re not playing for the state championship.
    Coach Sean Wimer, Stevenson High School Water Polo
  • After a year of dedicated work with Coach Strong, I took 2 hours off my Ironman finishing time. Coach Strong helped me excel at all aspects of my training for and racing in triathlon. The outcome was the race of my life. I plan to continue a long and fruitful relationship with him as my coach.
    Larry C.