Adult Personal Training

Athletes around the world understand the benefits of both individual and group training.  Whereas individual training is a great way to improve specific aspects of your training to reach your personal goals, practicing in a group also offers many benefits for athletes of all ability levels.  Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, or strength training, a group setting can help you find motivation and support, pushing you further than you may go on your own.  Not to mention, our classes and group programs are the perfect place to make new friends and connect with other like-minded athletes!


BASE Training is a multifunctional, full-body workout with exercises designed to challenge your Balance, Agility, Strength, and Endurance. Working at your own pace, you are guided through a group training circuit created by Precision Multisport trainers. With weekly changes in reps, weights and exercises, your body is constantly challenged and strengthened. The end result, a better you.

BASE Training

  • Unlimited BASE personal training group classes.
  • $100 per month
  • $500 for six months
  • $150 per month (2 people)
  • $175 per month (family)
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Unlimited Facility Plan

  • Unlimited BASE personal training group classes
  • Unlimited standard CompuTrainer classes
  • $150 per month
  • $800 for six months
  • $225 per month (2 people)
  • $250 per month (family)
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Ten-visit Facility Punch Card

  • Can be used for BASE or standard CompuTrainer classes
  • $150 for a ten-visit facility punch card
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BASE Fitness

Join coach JP Bordeleau in a multi-functional full body circuit workout with exercises that challenge your Balance, Agility, Strength and Endurance.

Classes meet Mondays and Fridays 9:00-10:00 AM


TRX Suspension Training

Using the TRX suspension training system you will get a full body workout with just your body weight as resistance. Our instructors will take you through all the movements and the progressions to work with all fitness levels and abilities.

Ten Sessions:

  • $122.50 for Precision members *
  • $175 for non-members
  • $20 per session drop-in

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Get In Gear CompuTrainer Class

Make big gains on the competition with this Coach led CompuTrainer course designed to increase your power and improve speed and endurance.

Eight Weeks (one class per week)

  • $122.50 for Precision members *
  • $175 for non-members
  • $25 per session drop-in
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* You are a Precision member if you are enrolled in any of our monthly plans:  Adult Personal Training, Youth Personal Training, Club Precision, Team Precision, or Precision Coached Athlete.

As a member you receive a 30% discount on Premium classes and a 10% discount on products that we sell.



Whether you are determined to get back in shape, inspired to learn a new skill, or are aiming for a new PR, our one-on-one personal training can help you tailor the perfect training plan to meet your goals. You will work with one of our experienced, certified personal trainers to unlock your full athletic potential.

  • $80 per hour
  • $600 for ten-visit punch card
  • $60 per hour for Team Precision and Coached Athletes
  • $450 for ten-visit punch card for Team Precision and Coached Athletes

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