Nutrition Services

Fueling Your Lifestyle with Nutrition

We work with athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals that want to optimize performance and health through nutrition.

Each nutrition plan is personalized to match your goals and lifestyle. You will be educated on what to eat and why and how to overcome inevitable challenges such as travel, work, cravings and stress that are stopping you from achieving success.

We can help with the following:

  • Performance during training and competition
  • Boosting your energy levels
  • Losing body fat instead of muscle
  • Whole food balance
  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Improving key health markers



90-Minute Initial Assessment – $175

This program, starts with a thorough assessment of your goals and then looks at your eating pattern and style, daily activities, training, health issues, sleep patterns, current health data and your performance and health goals. Based on this information, we construct an individualized plan so that you can reach your goals in a timely fashion.

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Nutrition coaching by Patricia Kaufman


60-Minute Follow-up Appointments – $90

The check-in meetings are to evaluate your progress, answer any of your questions and make necessary tweaks to your plan based on your situation and assessments.

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Nutrition coaching by Patricia Kaufman

4-Week Program – $300

This is a 4-week program that includes a full assessment of the current state of your nutrition and health providing you nutritional guidance and a plan that matches your lifestyle. Throughout the 4-weeks we will arm you with strategies to effectively modify your nutrition behavior for improved performance and health. The plan includes:

  • Initial 45-minute consultation
  • Email @ week 2
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 3
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 5
  • Unlimited email throughout the 4 weeks
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Nutrition coaching by Patricia Kaufman

8-Week Program – $595

This 2 month program is ideal if you need more one-on-one guidance for changing and adapting to a nutrition plan that works for you. Our nutritionist works with you to tackle what’s ever holding you back from improving your body composition to improving your performance and health. The 8-weeks allows you time to work on long-term behavior changes that will reward you with lasting benefits.

The plan includes:

  • Initial 45-minute consultation
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 2
  • Email communication @ week 3
  • Email communication @ week 4
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 5
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 6
  • Email communication @ week 7
  • 45-minute consultation @ week 8
  • Unlimited emails throughout the 8 weeks
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Nutrition coaching by Patricia Kaufman