Meet the Precision Team

  • Craig Strong

    Coach, Owner

    Coach Craig began his coaching career in the pool, training athletes of all skill levels – from beginning swimmers to NCAA Division I athletes – for more than 20 years.  In 2001, Coach Craig expanded his focus to help triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers reach their goals in technique, strength, and endurance with great success.  In addition to overseeing two successful crossings of the English Channel, Craig’s protégés have also qualified for U.S. Masters National Swimming Championships, USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, and the Boston Marathon, as well as Ironman Kona, 70.3, and Olympic Distance Age Group Championships.  Coach Craig holds Level II certification by USA Triathlon, Level IV certification by American Swim Coaches Association, and Level II certification by USA Cycling.

  • JP Bordeleau

    Personal Trainer, Owner

    As a firm believer in the notion of if there’s a will, there’s a way, Coach JP pushes both himself and his clients to reach their fitness goals, whether it’s in the gym or out on the trails.  Coach JP has personally completed over 73 events, including ultra-marathons, adventure races, Ironman triathlons, and endurance cycling events, and he works closely with each of his athletes to match his extensive knowledge of strength and endurance training with individual race and fitness goals.  As a USAT certified coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and spin instructor, Coach JP has all of the tools to help his athletes unlock their full potential!

  • Alicia Snow


    When faced with an obstacle, Coach Alicia doesn’t think about how to get around it: she figures how to get over it.  After years of suffering from an undiagnosed heart condition which left her unable to continue her competitive running at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville’s Division II Women’s Cross Country and Track teams, two years ago, Coach Alicia sought answers. With a proper diagnosis, and the completion of a procedure by a world-famous heart surgeon and a careful road to recovery, Coach Alicia is back on the track, not only preparing her athletes to achieve their goals, but working towards her own.

  • Claire Geiger


    Coach Claire’s four years as a Division I athlete on the Women’s Rowing Team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison allowed her to lead her team as captain and coxswain of the Varsity 8 to the NCAA Championships in 2009 and also helped prepare her to qualify for the 2011 Ironman World Championships.  As coxswain, Coach Claire knew that motivating other athletes in the boat had to go beyond yelling: she knew she had to lead by example!  As a result, Claire was determined to enhance her own physical and mental toughness by training for short- and long-distance triathlons, and she immediately became hooked on the sport.

  • Heather Collins

    Coach, Personal Trainer

    Coach Heather brings over 25 years of a dedicated and passionate approach to helping clients reach health and fitness goals.  Heather focuses her energy on solution-based training.  Her goal is to have her clients obtain the same life-altering experience she had 15 years ago.  Her clients have a variety of concerns and have described themselves as:  overweight, permanently injured, diabetic, depressed, disabled, un-atheletic, lazy, uncoordinated, possessing limited amounts of time to exercise, unable to fit exercise into their schedule, and exercise haters.  Coach Heather works with each individual client to customize a solution-based training plan that fits the unique needs of the client.

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